Pioneering Cloud Academy for Cloud Security Certification Launched by Check Point Software and Red Education

Check Point has appointed Red Education as a Platinum Elite Partner, to Deliver Cloud Certification Courses to IT Professionals across all Regions

Check Point Software and Red Education have announced a ground-breaking and dedicated cloud security learning and development program, for IT professionals in the Asia-Pacific, European and Americas regions.

Check Point has appointed Red Education as a Platinum Elite Partner to deliver cloud certification courses through the Cloud Academy to IT professionals across all regions.

Cloud security is becoming even more important in the pandemic world where remote work is the norm. Highlights from Check Point Research 2021 Security Report state that Cloud adoption races ahead of security: 2020 saw organizations’ digital transformation programs advance by over five years in response to the pandemic, but public cloud security is still a major concern for 75% of enterprises. Also, over 80% of enterprises found their existing security tools don’t work at all or have only limited functions in the cloud, showing that cloud security problems will continue into 2021.

Check Point is the first security vendor to offer cloud security certification in the industry and hopes to equip IT, professionals, with cloud security technologies and best practices by leveraging our tech experience, knowledge, and research.

There continues to be a demand for cloud security expertise in APAC and these courses aim to close the knowledge gap.

Red Education has also seen great interest from students in cloud security courses as the convergence between on-prem to cloud increases.

Mike Baird - Managing Director Red EducationMike Baird, Managing Director of Red Education states “I’m interested to see how quickly cybersecurity progress has been adopted by organizations this past twelve months. It’s exactly one year from the day that the world shut down due to the Pandemic. In that time the world has leapfrogged five years of technology progress! Globally that’s an enormous step forward in a very short period. What we are noticing in training now, is in the rush to adapt to technological change, we are seeing gaps in the necessary skills in the implementation of such technologies. Technology ADOPTION is outpacing skills, equaling an increase in Cybersecurity RISK. This training is deliberately targeted towards those businesses that are rushing from an on-premise solution to either a hybrid or total cloud solution. There is a significant RISK if a business fails to teach the necessary skills in transitioning to the new strategies. Red Education is extremely honored to be at the forefront of this knowledge transfer as Check Point aims to address this issue.”    

Cloud Academy aims to be the cornerstone for cloud security learning and development. Through Cloud Academy and its Platinum Elite Partner Program, Check Point is supporting the industry to equip professionals with the training and certification in conjunction with Red Education. This also provides professionals with upskill and reskill opportunities to develop their careers since there continues to be a demand from enterprises for professionals with cloud security competencies.

Red Education is a premium specialist IT training company. It has been recognized as Check Point’s top regional ATC partner of the year for its collaboration with Check Point in 2020 and has been awarded Platinum Elite Partner Status based on student satisfaction and course delivery. Platinum Elite partner status is accorded to Check Point’s top-tier training partners in the world.

To learn more about available courses or to register, please visit our Check Point Certifications page.

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