Check Point skills gap filled, profitability increased and customer satisfaction improves

Premium training on budget, on time and with excellent student feedback.

Our client had experienced disjointed training schedules and gaps in skills and knowledge across their security team, impacting their ability to deal with customer security issues…

Keeping government health tech secure with Check Point training

Unlocking the power of technology investments

Our client, An Australian state government agency, needed our help to align tech investments and the skills of the team…

Custom in-house training for Australian "Big 4" bank

Custom classroom training

Our client’s team consisted entirely of new hires and urgently needed tailored training in their own offices to manage their in-house security technology.

Customised f5 training for leading home improvement retailer

Tailored training to upskill this essential team

Read the case study to learn how our responsive service culture and flexible
tailored solution ensured that the client received the training they needed to achieve their goals.

Saudi IT Provider Empowers Team through Palo Alto Networks Upskilling

Elevating Cybersecurity with Cutting-Edge Expertise

Read the case study to learn how this Saudi-based client is a digital transformation solution provider, specialising in information technology solutions and services to enable their clients’ digital transformation journeys.

How Australia's Largest Pharmacy Franchise Retailer Strengthened Their Defenses with Palo Alto Networks

Protecting Retail Pharmacies from Cybersecurity Threats

Read the case study to learn how our training program provided students with a thorough understanding of configuring, monitoring, and managing security policies, giving the organization skilled team members to handle incidents and ensure future security with a redundancy plan.

Multinational aircraft corporation introduces Palo Alto Networks Firewall

Palo Alto Networks - Firewall Essential Training (EDU-210)

Read the case study to learn how this multinational aircraft corporation made sure its team had upskilled on Palo Alto Networks products and learn the technology from scratch.

ASX-listed Energy Provider Protected By Upskilling Its Team

Palo Alto Networks SASE - Prisma Access SASE Security

Read the case study to learn how this energy generator made sure its team had the skills needed for their new Palo Alto Networks cybersecurity solution, protecting critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks.

10% Increase In Sales Revenue Game-changing selling skills

Hybrid Sales Training

See how this aviation tracking solutions provider was able to increase hardware sales and see record wins through a hybrid sales training that instilled a common sales language across the business. Read the case study

Helping Engineers Transition From Technical Recommendations To Solving Real Business Problems

Tailored Consultative Sales Engineers Program (CSP)

Read how Red Education assisted this Global Distributor with a consultative SE Program (CSP) for the engineering team to transition from making technical recommendations to solving real business problems.

Find Out How This Government Department Solved Their Need For A Learning Partner ?

Tailored Leadership And Workplace Relationship Management Programs

Having a One-Stop-Shop for a variety of needs in this specialist industry was a challenge that Red Education was able to address, with capabilities beyond purely technical training.

Telecommunications Multinational F5 Migration

Successful Migration From Cloud Security To F5

Read how this multinational telecommunications company achieved a smooth and successful migration from their previous cloud security technology to f5, thanks to Red Education

Singapore's Leading Global Bank

Mapping Out Certification Pathway for Engineering Team

Read how Red Education assisted this Global Bank with training the engineering team across different countries remotely to enable mission-critical deployments for the bank.

Asia Pacific's Leading Financial Institution

Optimising Business Investment For Identity Access Management

Read how Red Education assisted this financial institution with ForgeRock’s Identity And Access Management tools by providing flexible training schedules that were tailored to the specific needs of the business.

One of Australia’s Oldest and Largest Health & Aged Care Providers

Pain Points Associated with Legacy Infrastructure.

Read how Red Education assisted with Nutanix Professional Services using flexible remote deployment option that allowed the turnkey infrastructure to be deployed quickly and efficiently, allowing the client to focus to the applications and services powering their business. 

Unlocking F5 Excellence: A Collaborative Success Story

ICT solutions provider needed tailored onsite F5 training

The client had very specific requirements for their team’s training, needing detailed planning and extensive collaboration across borders…

Paessler skills gap leaves satellite communications service provider exposed

Self-taught engineers get a much-needed Paessler skills upgrade

Skills gap filled, employee value rises, productivity increases

Global transportation giant fills critical Check Point skills gap

Fire detection and prevention giant needs a skills upgrade

Our client’s team was only equipped with intermediate-level Check Point skills, putting the company and its customers at risk…

Authorised expert F5 training vs internal knowledge transfer

Fire detection and prevention giant needs a skills upgrade

Our client had implemented F5 technology and the team had learned through knowledge transfer not formal training…

Nutanix Customised Training for Global Tech Giant

International Tech Company Finds Success with Expert Training Provider

Learn how we equipped our client’s engineers with the knowledge and skills to work effectively, resulting in increased efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness in the market.

Stock Exchange Upskills Teams in Palo Alto Networks Firewall Technology Ahead of Implementation

Maximizing Cybersecurity with Expert Upskilling

Learn how we tailored the delivery of training programs for Palo Alto Networks’ Firewall Essentials 10.2 and Panorama 10.2 to three different teams: SOC, Security Engineering, and Network Operations.

IT Multinational Up-skills in Palo Alto Networks

IT Multinational Up-skills in Palo Alto Networks

Learn how this multinational information technology services and consulting company headquartered in India upskilled its engineering team in Palo Alto Networks after training with another company let them down…

International Mining Giant Arms Against Cyber-attack with Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks Trouble-shooting and Secure Access Service Edge Capabilities

Read how this international mining giant armed itself against cyber attack with Palo Alto Networks trouble-shooting and secure access service edge capabilities

Internet Provider's Network Security Team Moves From Inconsistent Skillset To Critical Security Firewall Best Practice

Premium Instructor-Led Palo Alto Networks Training

Learn how this internet and mobile phone service provider’s network security team transformed from an inconsistent skillset to critical security firewall best practice.

Asia Pacific's Leading Global Service Integrator

Training And Development

Read how Red Education assisted this Global Service Integrator with F5 Networks training for preparing upcoming projects for a managed service project..

Onboarding New Hires For A Global Services Integrator

Customised Training For New Hires

Read how Red Education assisted this Global Services Integrator by providing flexible training schedules and custom courseware that were tailored to the specific needs of the network services new hires to successfully manage projects after induction.

Aviation Industry

The Power Derived From a Good Discovery Process

Spidertracks is a New Zealand technology company that provides aircraft tracking and software services to the Commercial General Aviation sector.

Datacentre Migration

A Fast Blueprint For Complex Data Centre Migration

Our client is a Global System Integrator (GSI) working with a data center based in the Philippines

ANZ's Leading University

Up-Skilling And Managing Firewalls

Read how Red Education assisted this major Australian university with Palo Alto Networks firewalls by providing flexible training schedules that were tailored to the specific needs of the network services team to successfully manage firewalls after migration.

One Of The Worlds Largest Telecommunications Company

Upskilling Major Telco in Palo Alto Networks

After winning an exciting new business deal, this large telecommunications company needed to rapidly up-skill their team in Palo Alto Networks. Read how Red Education provided a tailored combination of courses to suit the team’s needs and completely changed their attitude to virtual learning at the same time.

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