Red Education becomes an Amazon Web Services Reseller Training Partner in ANZ

International specialist IT security training company Red Education will resell select AWS global training courses to assist businesses using AWS’s cloud solutions in ANZ.

Sydney, Australia – May 4th, 2021: Red Education, an international specialist IT security training company, has become an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Reseller Training Partner in Australia and New Zealand.

With ever-growing interest surrounding cloud adoption, employees with cloud skills are in high demand. . As an AWS Reseller Training Partner, Red Education is authorised to resell AWS specialty training to enable IT professionals and businesses to better leverage AWS cloud services. These courses include Planning & Designing Databases on AWS, Deep Learning on AWS, The Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS, Advanced Developing on AWS, Running Containers on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Practical Data Science with Amazon SageMaker, AWS Cloud Financial Management for Builders, and Security Engineering on AWS.

The ‘Golden Era’ of the New Technological Revolution

Today, as cloud technologies continue to help organisations transform their businesses at a rapid pace, we are seeing what some may call a Technology Revolution driven by the cloud.

“Red Education is now empowered to resell AWS specialist training courses, and we are excited to help customers in Australia and New Zealand innovate more effectively using the cloud,” said Mike Baird, Managing Director of Red Education.

Rushing Towards ‘Cloud Nirvana’

The adoption of new technologies and the digitisation of processes to enable this new era of remote working has rushed us towards what Baird describes as “Cloud Nirvana”.

“Red Education is pleased to be able to resell AWS Speciality Training courses. There is a wave of interest coming from our students as businesses rush towards cloud solutions,” said Baird.
“It’s interesting to see how quickly behaviours have changed since the onset of COVID-19, and much of the shift towards virtual interactions is possible because of IT technology and cloud services. It’s increasingly important for IT workers to build cloud skills so we can continue to progress in this increasingly digital world.”

Technology Outpaces Skill Set

Mike Baird

“In training, in the rush to adapt to technological change, we are seeing gaps in the necessary skills to implement these new technologies. Technology adoption is outpacing the skill set, leading to a cloud skills gap. Recent research from AlphaBeta indicates that Australia will need 6.5 million additional digital workers by 2025. The research also predicts that large-scale data modeling, software operations support, web/game/software development, cloud architecture design, and cybersecurity skills will be the top five in-demand digital skills in Australia by 2025.

“AWS Training courses can help workers in Australia and New Zealand build these in-demand skills. As an AWS Reseller Training Partner, Red Education is well-positioned to provide businesses with opportunities to learn best practices to effectively transition to the cloud,“ said Baird.

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