Paessler AG – PRTG: Cloud Monitoring has never been this simple

With its incredible elasticity and complexity, cloud computing is proving to be an organizational challenge, not only on the adoption level but also from a system monitoring perspective as well.

Organizational IT today seems to be “cloud provider agnostic”. It is an enterprise commonplace to see SAAS components provided by one cloud provider and IAAS provided by another. Moreover, while shifting towards the cloud, many organizations have not relinquished their traditional data-centre infrastructure. In general, the overall organizational IT model is “Hybrid”.

In such a model, monitoring becomes a massive challenge because you need a different monitoring system for each of the model’s heterogeneous components. You need “CloudWatch” to monitor your AWS instances, “Azure Monitor” for monitoring Microsoft Azure resources besides a monitoring system for your traditional data centre systems. This is challenging because administrators will need to learn, master and monitor each of these monitoring systems separately. Wouldn’t it make more sense to amalgamate all these systems into one central and well-crafted system?

Paessler AG has catered for this need through its PRTG solution. PRTG is “spot-on” for monitoring a hybrid cloud Infrastructure. This solution is the result of nineteen years of efforts and experience in the NPMD industry. Pre-customized for many different cloud services, it brings together all your organization’s monitoring needs into one central platform. PRTG is feature rich, versatile and portable to the extent that you can install it on your smart phone. Furthermore, PRTG will notify IT admins if- and only if – a threshold value is exceeded. This means elimination of daily email notifications, which only let you know everything is OK. Unless of course if you opt for this feature.

PRTG creates a structure for modern enterprise monitoring. It brings order from amidst the chaos of today’s Hybrid IT. This awesome solution empowers you to turn your cloud monitoring process into a systematic practice.

Paessler AG – PRTG adds value to your business by helping you reap the cost benefits of your cloud strategy. This is because the main argument for many cloud services is cost savings. These savings can quickly erode without a capable monitoring solution that provides unprecedented visibility and pinpoints potential issues in no time.

Red Education has proudly become Paessler’s first official training partner in the Asia-Pacific region. With its ability to deliver courses all over this region besides its long reputation for customer-focused excellence, Red Education is pleased to announce the delivery of its first Paessler PRTG training course on Monday the 24th of October 2016. The course official name is “Paessler AG – PRTG: How to install, configure and monitor”. It is available for registration here

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By: Wasfi Bounni
Senior Instructor/Consultant at Red Education

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