72402V - Supporting Avaya Meetings Server

This 3-day Virtual Instructor-Led course is designed for individuals responsible for Supporting Avaya Meetings Server Solution. Delivered in a virtual classroom setting with remote access to a lab environment, this offer consists of a combination of interactive instructor lectures followed by practical lab exercises. This course is recommended for students preparing to take the 72402X-Avaya Meetings Server Support Certified Exam.

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  • Summarize the Avaya Meetings Server Solution Architecture
  • Analyze Call Flows for Avaya Meetings Server and Clients
  • View alarms and events from System Manager, Meetings Server Management, Avaya Aura® Device Services, Avaya Aura® Web Gateway and Avaya Aura® Media Server
  • Collect, retrieve, and analyze log files on Avaya Aura® Web Gateway, Meetings Server Management & Avaya Aura® Media Server
  • Perform real-time traces on Communication Manager, Session Manager, Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise, and Avaya Aura® Media Server
  • Troubleshoot Avaya Workplace Clients


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