Red Education is Awarded the most learners and highest revenue – JAPAC region for 2019

Mike Baird is excited to announce two awards presented by Palo Alto Networks 2019 – “Most Students” and “Highest Revenue” numbers for the JAPAC region. Mike Baird explains the reason for the success is due to our professional training, delivered by exceptionally gifted instructors, and our excellent labs!

The feedback & reviews from student attendees has been exceptional.


Get Your Head in the Clouds!

Guest Author Kevin Streater:

Who’s Kevin? Kevin is the Vice President of ForgeRock University – our global technical training organization, or casually known as School of (Forge)Rock. Kevin and team deliver IAM training and certification to ForgeRock’s customers and partners around the world. With 20 years working in the identity industry at companies like Sun Microsystems and The Open University, Kevin is the Yoda of IAM training. But there’s one thing that excites him more than identity… he’s a Freeman of the City of London, which means that once a year he takes a flock of sheep across London Bridge. It’s a sight to see! 

Learn how to deploy the ForgeRock Identity Platform using DevOps techniques

Do you want to deploy the ForgeRock Identity Platform for 100 million users in less than 5 minutes? Sounds impressive – but how?

The ForgeRock Identity Platform has been designed from the beginning for interoperability and massive scale with a DevOps friendly architecture that integrates seamlessly into continuous delivery environments, providing a comprehensive set of identity services to help companies generate new revenue streams and set themselves apart from the competition. Take a look here to see a live deployment.

With preconfigured cloud installation packages of 1M, 10M, and 100M identities, you can use containerized images for rapid automation, with Docker support, automate multi-cloud deployments and support for DevOps practices using Docker for containers and Kubernetes as the orchestration platform, the ForgeRock Identity Platform is ready for action.

Register for the Webinar here which is an introduction into ForgeRock’s DevOps strategy and intended as a highlight to what students can expect to learn from attending the latest addition to the ForgeRock global curriculum. Configuring the ForgeRock Identity Platform in a DevOps Environment (FR523 Course)

ForgeRock Webinar

The Outstanding Instructor Achievement Award goes to Rajesh Rajasekharan of Red Education (APJ)

Forgerock Instructor Award

ForgeRock created the University Achievement Awards to recognize outstanding performance in the areas of the student experience, growth, and innovation. Leveraging Six Sigma standards and the results from our “Metrics that Matter” study.

We are excited to announce Rajesh Rajasekharan of Red Education has been awarded “The Outstanding Instructor Achievement Award” by ForgeRock University Achievement Awards.

Technology Evangelist Rajesh teamed up with Red Education as an instructor back in 2017, delivering public and specialized private classes all across the Asia-Pacific region. He is one of ForgeRock’s most sought-after instructors, with students regularly reaching out and highlighting his incredible expertise, patience, and interactive way of teaching.

Having over a decade of experience as an instructor, Rajesh strives to enable the best student experience possible at all times. And it shows. Rajesh’s overall score resulted in a performance rating of 95.1%, making him the first ForgeRock instructor to win this award twice in a row!

Red Education Appointed as Palo Alto Global Training Partner in Australia

Red Education Appointed as Palo Alto Global Training Partner in Australia

Sydney, April 2020 – Red Education, APAC leader in specialist training and professional services, has been awarded a Global Training Partner Award in supporting Palo Alto educational services.

Since 2013 and every year thereafter… Red Education has won the prestigious Palo Alto Networks APAC “Excellence in Training Award”.Awards

Red Education is the leader in specialist training and professional services for the IT community across all of Asia Pacific including Australia, New Zealand, South & North Asia, India, and the Middle East. Red Education provides accredited training in formats including classroom, online, and on-site.

Quotes: Mike Baird, Managing Director, Red Education

“Palo Alto is a premium vendor for Red Education. At a global level, we see a high demand for their products, courseware, and certifications. We also see a large opportunity in the newly released Prisma, & Cortex product range. Recently, we’ve provided training sessions on Prisma, and have been staggered by the global interest in this product. The list of attendees has been overwhelming, so we have had to add additional dates to our schedules to accommodate the demand. This is an indication of the strong interest in this product. Red Education has invested heavily in obtaining and upskilling, the best instructors across several countries. We have received some of the highest surveyed feedback ratings of any ATP, which means our students experience truly professional training and a deep understanding of the courseware…

James Sonderegger Head of Global Authorized Training Partner Programs

“Companies have a massive challenge in continually upskilling their technical workforce. As technology rapidly evolves with the advent of cloud deployments, it’s critical that staff are trained to keep abreast of the new technologies. To enable them to stay relevant in the marketplace. Not only do they need to understand the concepts, but they also need to support and deploy large projects. This is where businesses like Red Education become critical in supporting Palo Alto’s global strategies.

Without their professionalism and expert training, the deployments of our products don’t achieve their full potential and this has an impact on the overall ROI, that companies require, to justify the initial investment outlay.

We are pleased to provide this award to Red Education in recognition of the valued services they provide. We know and entrust our customers to them, in the confidence, that they provide a truly outstanding learning experience.


About Red Education

Red Education is the leader in IT training and professional services in the Asia Pacific region. Since its inception in 2005, Red Education has trained over 75,000 plus IT professionals of several industries including financial services, government, telecommunications, education, healthcare, and many others in Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN, Greater China, Japan, Korea, and India.

The combination of extensively experienced trainers and courses that balance theoretical concepts and hands-on labs is the formula for Red Education’s class success. Red Education provides classroom, virtual, and on-site IT training courses.

Check Point’s Annual Charity Regatta 2018

Red Education took part at Check Point’s Annual Charity Regatta 2018

The exciting race took place from Rushcutters Bay and proceeds of the event were donated towards Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick.

A large group of children from the Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick were on boarded to the tall ship, “Southern Swan”. The owners generously donate their ship each year to allow the kids, their carers, siblings and Hospital staff to enjoy a break from Hospital routine and see the Regatta in action.

Red Education is a Check Point Authorised Training Centre and has received “Best 2016 Authorised Training Centre Partner Globally” Award for being the top training provider not only in APAC but globally.

Network Security Training Courses Now Available for Professionals

Upskill staff with affordable training at your fingertips

SYDNEY — Oct. 24, 2017 – Australian startup WOTBOT today announced its partnership with its TeachWOT online learning product and Red Education. Together, the two companies will provide convenient online network security training programs.

“In an industry where there is so much information, so many vendors, and myriad areas of specialisation, we recognised the need for structured training to enable network professionals to keep updated with the latest technology developments,” stated Linda Wooding, Director, TeachWOT.

TeachWOT’s online portal enables course participants to complete the course at a convenient time, at a pace that suits them. All coursework and testing is facilitated online and is affordably priced.

Red Education is the leading IT professional Training provider in Asia Pacific and Japan. With its highly-regarded reputation, market penetration and long experience in this domain, the partnership with Red Education is vital for the success and reach of TeachWOT in the region.

“Increasingly, technical experts’ time is being squeezed whilst the expectation from employers is that skills are current, and both deep and broad. The TeachWOT range of online, on-demand short courses in targeted cybersecurity technologies enable an awesome way to increase skills flexibly and inexpensively.” Said Rob Howard, Managing Director at Red Education. “Whether you’re on the bus, at home, or on a break, these courses are delivered to your device, and get you the skills you need to stay on top in the fast-paced world of security and access.”

TeachWOT courses are intended for network professionals including web developers, IT operations engineers and system administrators. Upon completion of courses, participants are provided with a Certificate of Completion.

Network professionals juggle the rapid and regular introductions of new technologies, while managing a staggering rate of standards updates and compliance requirements. They often don’t have the time to proactively keep themselves up to date on all facets of networking. Courses by TeachWOT offer a convenient “train-as-you-go” portal where course participants can log in and complete their training over a 90-day period.

Courses offered include:

Network Fundamentals – Core: This course gives participants a deep understanding of the fundamentals of computer networking with a detailed description of the function, protocols and intersects between each of the seven network layers.

Application Delivery Fundamentals: This course enables network professionals to prepare to sit the Industry recognized ADN certification F5 Networks – 101 Application Delivery Fundamentals. The course covers an overview of network fundamentals with a detailed review of protocols, traffic management concepts and a focused view of Layers 4-7 of the network.

 Web Application Firewalls for DevOps: This course provides an overview of the increasing threats to web applications, the benefits of a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and the design, selection and implementation of a quality WAF solution.

“Network professionals can now keep up to date at a time and in a place that is convenient to them. We provide a simple modular portal with engaging visual and audio course material, along with supporting materials for ongoing learning. We are particularly pleased to be offering an Australian solution that is specific to our market,” remarked Linda Wooding, Director, TeachWOT.

Full list e-learning courses

About TeachWOT

TeachWOT is a subsidiary of WOTBOT, an Australian software company that designs, builds and customises innovative software solutions for web and mobile applications to help businesses grow and succeed. Our solutions facilitate the streamlining of business operations to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Our expertise is in simplifying business communication technologies for optimum business performance. Maximise your results by putting the simplest technology at your fingertips.

About Red Education

Red Education is the leader in IT training and professional services in Asia Pacific. Since its launch in 2005, Red Education has trained more than 50,000 IT professionals of many industries including financial services, government, telecommunications, education, healthcare and many others. The combination of extensively experienced trainers and courses that balance theoretical concepts and hands-on labs is the formula to Red Education’s class success. Red Education ensures quality class across all delivery methods; in-class, virtually or on clients’ sites.