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Blue Knights


A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to attend the annual “Blue Knight” conference. The conference is usually held to update Blue Knight’s with Blue Coat’s latest technology trends and innovations. After the acquisition by Symantec, Blue Coat’s product portfolio was incorporated with that of Symantec. Consequently, the update this year was on the overall portfolio.

The event was held in the Sheraton Grand Hotel Macau. It lasted for four days. During which, Symantec managed an outstanding conference with outstanding event management standards.

During the course of the conference, we as Blue Knights were encouraged to ask questions and share experiences. The sessions were very interactive and engaging, which made them fun to attend and reflect on. The level of audience participation was phenomenal.

Blue Knight

I was amazed by the level of involvement and interest that Symantec’s management took in this conference. We had top level executives and architects participating in activities and consistently answering questions. They did so very graciously and professionally. Their help and support to us are very much appreciated.

Blue Knight is a program in which Symantec partner engineers who exhibit technical excellence receive special care and attention from Symantec Corporation.

I would like to dedicate a big “Thank You” to all the ladies and gentlemen who made this event a success.


Wasfi Bounni's Photo

By: Wasfi Bounni
Senior Instructor/Consultant at Red Education