Nandagopal Siddegowda

Senior Trainer/ Consultant
Brief info

Nandagopal is a Senior Trainer/Consultant with Red Education. Nandagopal has 15 years of experience in IT and he is a technical expert and is one of the most experienced cybersecurity Trainers in Asia Pacific.

Nandagopal Siddegowda is a senior member of our instructor team based in Bangalore. Certified and highly experienced with multiple leading firewall technologies, Nanda specialises in Check Point, VMWare, Nutanix and Palo Alto Networks training. He delivers online network security courses worldwide.

Nanda has always been a trainer and is passionate about sharing his skills and experience. He started IT training in 1996 and has of course worked with many changes in the technologies since then. He has been with Red Education since 2016.

Passionate about security training

Although he also consults, Nanda describes how training is his main focus. He enjoys the challenge of learning new concepts as well as meeting new people. He especially appreciates the opportunity training gives him to use and refine professional development areas such as communication skills and leadership skills, essential to the success of any ambitious IT professional.

Time with family

Nanda is unusual among our instructors in that the travel that used to be such a major feature of the job is not the highlight for him. Since the COVID-19 epidemic, he has enjoyed working from home and the chance to spend more time with his family.

Nanda and his family have all made the most of their time in lockdown. Nanda describes how they have all been perfecting their cooking skills, enjoying the European style food prepared by his son alongside the amazing traditional Indian dishes that his wife creates.

In non-pandemic times, Nanda is a keen football player and enjoys being a member of a team based in Bangalore. Between work and family life, however, Nanda says there isn’t too much downtime, especially when he is running multiple training sessions in parts of the world with different time zones.

25 years of security training

Event though Nanda has been training for the last 25 years, he says that there are always new challenges that keep the job fresh for him. There are always new technologies to learn and every training course brings a new problem to solve. That’s what keeps him interested and always looking forward to the next class.

What the students say

Nanda is one of our most popular trainers. Here are just a few of his recent reviews:

“I am very happy to attend CCSE training. Instructor Nandagopal is very good and knowledgeable.”

“Great Trainer! Interactive with students during sessions. I liked the lab practice experience as well, since it was seamless. Highly recommended.”

“Red Education training is very well structured and provides great material for labs. The trainer Nanda is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in clarifying questions with live examples as well. He truly knows his stuff.”

The quality of the training and the trainer is good. Specifically the trainer Nanda has good knowledge of practical troubleshooting rather just the theory.”



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