Amit Singh

Senior Trainer/ Consultant
Brief info

Amit Singh is a highly experienced member of our Instructor Team based in Bangalore, India. His area of expertise is Storage/SAN Training and Implementation, having worked for over eleven years in the storage industry. He has been delivering training in the field for more than five years, including the last two with Red Education in India.

Amit delivers EMC training courses globally on behalf of Red Education, including in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the US. Initially working in implementation, he was finally convinced to start instructing after numerous requests. At first, he was challenged how much he needed to talk, but now, after training many students, he says this comes naturally to him. He prides himself on being able to convey highly technical information in a way that is easy to understand for IT staff.

Broad range of IT skills

The aspect of being an instructor that Amit values most is the range of skills and technologies that he is exposed to as compared with working purely in implementation. He describes the difference in terms of a light switch. In implementation, he says, you just need to know how to turn the light on,  but, in training, you need to be able to understand why the light turns on and be able to explain it in simple terms. For Amit, the most fascinating aspect of training is how it enables you to stay up to date with more technologies you would typically be involved with in implementation, as well as being able to compare technologies and their application in different situations.

Amit’s certifications include:

  • Expert Vmax3 Symmetrix Solution E20-807
  • Unity Implementation specialist E20-393
  • Vmax3Symmetrix Solutions Specialist E20-507
  • Vmax2 Symmetrix Solutions Specialist E20-517
  • Brocade Certified Fabric Professional:BCFP
  • Brocade Certified San Designer:BCSD
  • Information Storage and Management (EMC) E20-001
  • VNX solutions specialist: E20-547
  • XtremIO solutions specialist E20-568

Never free!

Amit describes himself as ‘never free’ when asked about what he does in his spare time. If he is not training, he is implementing, and if he is not implementing, he is project managing. He spends most of his non-working hours playing and talking with his young daughter, who he says has enjoyed having both parents available to her during lockdown. To relax, he enjoys watching cricket and football.

Along with many members of his family, Amit caught COVID-19 during the recent outbreak, but says that neither he nor his family fell seriously ill with the virus. After having COVID he is happy that he can go about his life with high immunity and looks forward to what he describes as the additional ‘Teflon’ protection that vaccination will give him.



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