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Autorized training partnerThe Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform natively converges several aspects of data center infrastructure through a software defined solution with rich machine intelligence.  The Nutanix solution combines compute, storage, and virtualization in a hyperconverged platform.

With a comprehensive infrastructure stack, administrators can focus on the applications that power their businesses as opposed to disparate pieces of infrastructure. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is built with a technology agnostic architecture, enabling IT teams to select the right hypervisor, hardware platform and cloud to meet the IT and business requirements for every application. When applications and administrators are not bound by the constraints imposed by infrastructure, enterprise IT is free to leverage the best attributes of public and private clouds thus optimizing IT’s business benefits.

As an authorized Nutanix training provider, we deliver training on the latest Nutanix releases.



This 4 day Enterprise Cloud Administration 5.10 course is designed to train system, network, and storage administrators to successfully deploy Nutanix in the datacenter.

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This 4 day course features comprehensive coverage of performance management for Nutanix clusters and details how to optimize performance, fix issues that slow down your system, and improve datacenter performance.

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