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Extreme Networks Courses

Extreme Networks

The courses in this training track will take you from Associate to Professional level competency in Extreme Networks portfolio utilizing Instructor-led training, and hands-on labs.


Assessment Overview

Part one of the process to obtain the Professional Certification is an in-depth multiple-choice exam that tests the theory students learned within the knowledge credential content. Successful completion of this exam allows the candidate to register for part two, which is a practical lab assessment. Part two is a one-day assessment that will test the practical lab skills learned in the four knowledge credentials. On the day of the Extreme Certified Professional assessment, the first part is unstructured, and students will have approximately three hours to practice within the lab environment to reacclimate before the timer begins. The lab exercises are released just before the timer and students will work through these alone. The assessing ATP will mark the assessment at the end.

Associated Courses
  • Extreme Switching – Installation and Configuration
  • Extreme Switching – Management
  • Extreme Switching – Advanced Configuration
  • Extreme Switching – Troubleshooting
Who Should Attend

Those who have completed all four knowledge credentials in a track and wish to achieve Extreme Certified Professional status.

Mandatory Prerequisite

The Extreme Certified Professional in Extreme Switching Exam must have been passed before completing the lab assessment. You will only have access to this exam once you have passed all four knowledge credentials.

Assessment Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will have tested their theoretical and practical knowledge, and skills on all aspects of the four Extreme Switching knowledge credential classes. On passing this assessment students will become an Extreme Certified Professional in Extreme Switching.



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