ForgeRock Training Courses

ForgeRock Training Courses

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a new range of challenges in the creation of digital identities and creation of access policies for every large enterprise, Government agency and cloud provider. ForgeRock’s technologies lead this space and Red Education is the sole Authorised Training Partner for ForgeRock in Asia Pacific and Japan.

We cover ForgeRock’s training portfolio and our trainers bring to the classroom decades of extensive experience. All ForgeRock training courses we deliver consist of Lectures, Labs, and Discussions and are available either in a classroom setting or as virtual live courses.

Available ForgeRock Training Courses:

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ForgeRock Access Management Product Overview (FR-120) – Free Webinar

This half-day webinar is FREE of charge and will provide students with a high-level overview of the core ForgeRock Access Management functionality. The webinar is kept short and focuses on the areas that are important during a product evaluation.

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ForgeRock Access Management Core Concepts (AM-400)

A 5-day course that presents core concepts and key features of ForgeRock Access Management, and to provide hands-on experience that enables students to implement a complete access management solution based on real-life use cases.

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ForgeRock Access Management – Customization and APIs (FR-421)

This 5-day course is aimed at individuals implementing OpenAM; particularly, Application Developers who adapt client applications to use OpenAM access management capabilities. It is also useful for designers and developers extending and integrating OpenAM services for their organizations.

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ForgeRock Identity Management Product Overview (FR-111) – Free Webinar

This half-day webinar is FREE of charge and provides students with a high-level overview of the core ForgeRock Identity Management functionality. The main goal of the webinar is to give delegates an understanding of the functionality core to the product.

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ForgeRock Identity Management Core Concepts (IDM-400)

A 5-day course that is aimed at individuals who want to learn how to implement ForgeRock Identity Management (IDM) to manage the complete identity lifecycle of users, devices, and things.

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Administering, Maintaining and Tuning ForgeRock Directory Services (FR-462)

This 4-day course provides the necessary skills to perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting techniques, monitor and tune servers, create and manage multiple databases, and perform other tasks with ForgeRock Open Directory Service for Java (OpenDJ).

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Configuring ForgeRock® Identity Gateway (IG-440)

This 3-day course is for students who want to learn how to configure ForgeRock Identity Gateway (IG) to help extend access to and protect web applications, application programming interfaces (APIs), and devices and things within an access management solution.

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ForgeRock Certification Program:

Find all the details about ForgeRock Certification Program here.

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