Red Education Becomes a Symantec ATP in APAC

Red Education Symantec ATP


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – APRIL 27, 2017 – Red Education today announces its appointment as a Symantec Authorised Training Partner for Asia Pacific.

Red Education has the ability to deliver the full Symantec course portfolio in its enterprise security range of solutions. This will be rolled out to every major city in Asia Pacific with a regular class schedule, plus the ability to tailor to any customer requirement for on-site or private classes.

Rob Howard, Managing Director at Red Education said, “Cyber security is top of mind for every enterprise, Government agency and cloud provider, with the Asia Pacific region seeing astonishingly high levels of attacks in every region. Symantec’s enterprise security portfolio assists organisations all across the region thwart these attacks, and Red Education is ready to empower the human element of managing these systems to minimise the ever-present risks.”

Rob also noted, “We’ll be providing training on the full Symantec range, complementing what we have done for almost ten years with Blue Coat, and we’re excited to be on board with Symantec as an Authorised Training Partner. Red Education is fast becoming the go-to choice for enterprise cyber security skills and knowledge.”

Sarah Grace, Senior Manager, Symantec Education Services, said, “After a thorough review of the providers in the region, Symantec is delighted to appoint Red Education as the Authorised Training Partner for Asia Pacific.

Red Education has extensive experience providing a wide range of certified training in cyber security, and has Symantec certified training capability ready to offer its customers the full Symantec course portfolio today.”

For full course details and upcoming Symantec course schedules, visit outlines section on Red Education’s website.

About Symantec

Symantec is a global leader in providing security, information management solutions to help their customers – from consumers and small businesses to the largest global organizations – secure and manage their information against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently than any other company. The company’s unique focus is to eliminate risks to information, technology and processes independent of the device, platform, interaction or location.

About Red Education

Red Education is Asia Pacific’s leading IT training centre, providing IT training and certification across all countries in the region. This includes Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN, Greater China, Japan, Korea and India. Red Education provides vendor-accredited training either in a classroom setting, as a virtual delivery, or on-site at clients’ locations. Since its inception in 2005, Red Education has delivered over 25,000 training seats to every major enterprise, Government agency and service provider in the region.


A BlueKnight Perspective

Blue Knights


A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to attend the annual “Blue Knight” conference. The conference is usually held to update Blue Knight’s with Blue Coat’s latest technology trends and innovations. After the acquisition by Symantec, Blue Coat’s product portfolio was incorporated with that of Symantec. Consequently, the update this year was on the overall portfolio.

The event was held in the Sheraton Grand Hotel Macau. It lasted for four days. During which, Symantec managed an outstanding conference with outstanding event management standards.

During the course of the conference, we as Blue Knights were encouraged to ask questions and share experiences. The sessions were very interactive and engaging, which made them fun to attend and reflect on. The level of audience participation was phenomenal.

Blue Knight

I was amazed by the level of involvement and interest that Symantec’s management took in this conference. We had top level executives and architects participating in activities and consistently answering questions. They did so very graciously and professionally. Their help and support to us are very much appreciated.

Blue Knight is a program in which Symantec partner engineers who exhibit technical excellence receive special care and attention from Symantec Corporation.

I would like to dedicate a big “Thank You” to all the ladies and gentlemen who made this event a success.


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By: Wasfi Bounni
Senior Instructor/Consultant at Red Education

F5 + Blue Coat = Alpha Technology

Imagine there was a network solution amalgamating F5 and Bluecoat solutions. If such a product exists, there would be a monopoly in technology markets for a few decades. Fusing these solutions together would cover OSI Layer-2 to Layer-7 in terms of availability, delivery in addition to Security.

F5’s Big-IP solutions are the best in terms of ensuring an application is delivered on time, always available and secured. While ASM deals with a web application’s security in depth, AFM handles its Layer-4 based Denial of Service issues. APM, on the other hand, attends seamlessly to SAML-based SSO. GTM is the gatekeeper who ensures that whoever is asking for a domain’s IP, gets the IP of the most optimal service. Optimal service here means a service presented by the least loaded, best performing and nearest application server. Furthermore, AAM ensures a quicker web application user experience.

F5’s Load Balancer LTM adds to this recipe by ensuring application availability. whose role is to ensure that a site is available all the time. It also provides caching of web content. Caching is limited to RAM because the underlying kernel of all F5 modules is a Linux one. Linux doesn’t allow for optimal fetching of cached objects from the disk. The main reason behind this is the architecture of the OS which is TMOS. TMOS can deal with networking elements, security elements, and load balancing elements. When it comes to the situation where the dependency is on Hard Disks’ (I/O), TMOS behaves just like any other Linux kernel based OS. This is because TMOS has to read the file allocation tables from boot sectors and perform multiple I/Os to fetch files from the disk (a CPU utilization factor). In contrast, SGOS uses a flat non-directory based architecture wherein caching is dealt with in a way similar to indexing used in an S/W called Copernic Desktop Search. We create indexes of objects in MIME format in RAM to locate disk location.

Blue Coat offers the best of SSL visibility and forensic analysis solutions in the market.

It would be nice to see a solution combining SGOS disk caching powers with TMOS’s TCP and application based acceleration, web content security and web application security with SSO based on SAML authentication while maintaining a holistic perform
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Written by Nanda Kumar Ananda
Senior Trainer at Red Education

Virtual Instructor Led Classroom Training. Practical, real-time and effective.

The challenge of maintaining a skilled workforce is a tremendous one in our fast paced knowledge economy.

While quality staff training is incredibly important, the need for convenient, budget and time saving methods is becoming increasingly imperative. One of the trends or options in this regard is Virtual Instructor Led classroom Training (VILT). According to a white paper by iLinc video and audio conferencing firm, VILT allows students to join courses from the convenience of their own homes or offices, reduces travel budget and even reduce the carbon footprint associated with travelling.

VILT can be very engaging, interactive and valuable if done by its experts. Esri, the geographic information systems firm indicated the significant difference between quality VILT and tedious virtual power point presentations with questions at the end.

Red Education’s VILT is delivered by instructors not only experts in their respective fields, but also experts in the delivery techniques of value-add VILT. These instructors well understand the need for interactive, engaging and quality driven virtual educations. Red Education’s VILT courses are aided with the frequent use of virtual white board techniques.  White board drawings done during the virtual sessions further explain complex concepts and achieve full student comprehension.

Full lab access is available to students during the Virtual Instructor Led Training sessions. Our instructors assist students with all their lab issues in the same manner as they would do in a physical classroom. The labs are available to students 24/7 for the full duration of the VILT course.

VILT can in many aspects present further interactivity options to students. Red Education uses a virtual classroom technology that is best of its class. This technology allows all students to ask questions at the same time using the chat panel. Shy students who might have avoided asking questions in a physical classroom can comfortably ask their questions and get their answers privately in their chat panels. A student can virtually raise his/her hand for a question or even ask his/her question at any time using his/her phone or microphone.

Red Education endeavors to offer its valuable clients flexible training options. VILT is available to your organization side by side with our industry recognized physical ILT.


By Wasfi Bounni, Senior Instructor/Consultant

Read Wasfi’s Bio

Why Pay for IT Training?

If you’re a technology integrator with 5 or more focus vendors, and you have to hold technical certifications across all of them to make top tier partnership then the question of training is a valid one. Not only do you have to take your key engineers out of the field for 5 days or more, but you have to put your hand in your pocket and pay as well!

If you’re an end user customer with a team of engineers to install, support, maintain infrastructure whether its on premise or cloud, paying for training becomes a question of whether the people you have trained and certified will hang around once they have acquired those new critical skills.

Both are fair concerns.

All the IT vendors provide a level of free information on their websites and forums these days. F5 is a great example. They have free “Getting Started” videos which are short snippets of how to run up the basics of all their products, plus communities like DevCentral where you can find the answer to almost any problem, plus a raft of innovative solutions that professionals from around the globe with substantial experience have contributed at no cost to anyone. There are other examples of this at Microsoft, Cisco and many others.

If you want to find the information, it’s there and freely available.

It is, however, the responsibility of all IT vendors to deliver a comprehensive training program based on an all encompassing classroom environment which gives you the hands-on skill and knowledge to address the complexity that arises with most projects. The vendors that we work with at Red Education are all enterprise and service provider grade solution providers. If you spend $100,000 or more on a technology solution to deliver a specific outcome to a business, unless you’re outsourcing the whole shebang, there better be skills and knowledge on how to put it together and then maintain, upgrade and support that solution once it’s in. That business outcome may not be realised otherwise.

This is where paid training is mandatory.

You get to spend a few days of allocated time to learning a technology, surrounded by experienced people (or novices with new approaches!) like yourself, drawing on the guidance of an instructor who should have plenty of experience for the group to draw on, delivering material written by the vendor so you get loads of best practise examples. Just on the instructor, ideally they should have hands on experience in the field – someone who is out in real environments implementing solutions with that technology, so they have actual “war stories” to bring into the classroom. Does your training provider do professional services as well? It’s not a bad indicator of whether their instructors “get out much”.

You should expect to walk away from the course having spent as much time as the course allows for you to undertake practical exercises using a sandbox style lab environment so that you can apply what you have learnt in your environment.

If you are looking to attain a certification with that vendor, it’s usually the case that the official classroom training gives you at least a start on gaining the skills and knowledge to tackle the exams associated with it.

I love that LinkedIn post you may have seen…. Person A: “What if we train them and they leave?” Person B: “What if we don’t and they stay?”. Indeed.

Rob Howard – Managing Director of Red Education

Red Education is the leading provider of specialised IT training and Professional services across the Asia-Pacific region. We provide training for multiple vendors with a regular public schedule in over 24 different locations. In addition to this we also have the ability to conduct closed onsite courses. For further information on how we can cater to your requirement please visit our website