Johnnee Sim

Senior Trainer/ Consultant
Brief info

Johnnee Sim is a senior member of the Red Education instructor team based in Singapore and specializing in Avaya technology. Although he has many years of experience in training, Johnnee started his career on a very different track, as a pilot in the military. After a few years he moved away from flying and specialised in training other pilots, and then changed direction again to become a communications officer.

This role introduced Johnnee into the world of telecommunications, the path he chose when he finally left the military, and he has been teaching telecommunications from that point until the present day.

A ‘tonne of joy and happiness”

In his current role with Red Education, Johnnee is highly motivated by the challenge of explaining a new skill to a student. Often that student may have approached others, and still not found a solution. Johnnee enjoys solving the problem and the moment when he can say to the student ‘Why don’t you do it this way?’ and sees the solution finally fall into place. Then, he says, there is a tonne of joy and happiness when the student finally understands and can apply the knowledge.

Johnnee also enjoys the challenge of finding new ways to make technical, abstract, and potentially dry subject matter engaging for his students.  Although he is experienced with various technologies, his core product is Avaya. He is highly dedicated, enjoying sticking with one direction and becoming the subject matter expert. He finds that students are usually quick to pick up on the experience level of an instructor. He once got an email from a student saying that he knew right from the start of his course that Johnnee was knowledgeable from how he could say in just one word something that others might need a thousand words to describe.

A love of aircraft

Although Johnnee wanted to move away from flying when he left the military, he still has a great love of aircraft. In his spare time, he enjoys aeromodelling, building, and flying model aircraft. He used to design and build the models himself, but now he admits to enjoying the easier path of buying the models ready-made. He finds the concentration and focus needed when flying the models a great stress reliever, and he also enjoys the benefits of being active and spending time outside in the open air.

Johnnee prioritizes staying fit and healthy, walking every afternoon, protecting his skin from the sun, eating well, and avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol. People take their health for granted, he says, until they don’t have it anymore. That’s when they realize that it’s the most precious thing they have.

Words of wisdom

After his many years of experience, Johnnee has plenty of advice for both students and trainers. He recommends that everyone should read as much as they can in their subject area.

For trainers, he says that the first 15 minutes of any training is critical, that’s when your students will make up their minds about your expertise. If they don’t trust you from the beginning, you will find it hard to get their attention for the rest of the course.

For students, he says they should always aim high and try to get a distinction in their exams. If you only want a pass, and that’s what you aim for, says Johnnee, you will definitely fail. To succeed in life, you always have to aim high, he says.




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