Chibuzor ‘Arthur’ Emezieobi

Chibuzor Emezieobi – otherwise known as Arthur – is a network security expert based in Lagos, Nigeria, and has recently joined our Middle East and Africa instructor team.

Chibuzor started his career in technical support engineering, then developed a passion for the telecommunications industry as he moved into roles as a pre-sales engineer and solution architect. This gave him the opportunity to interact one-on-one with customers, understanding their needs and designing solutions to best meet those needs.

As he was explaining those solutions to the customers, Chibuzor discovered his love of teaching. As well as training IT professionals, Chibuzor has also been involved in visiting schools in his local area to help students understand the career paths available to them in technology, enjoying seeing people grow and learn new things as he explains them.

Chibuzor’s qualifications and certifications include:

  • BSc Network Computing and Telecommunication, Université Africaine de Technologie et de Management (UATM)
  • Palo Alto Networks Systems Engineer (PSE) – Strata Associate
  • Cisco Trained Network Associate (CCNA-R&S)
  • Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)
  • Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Core
  • Fortinet Network Security Associate (NSE1, NSE2, NSE3)
  • IP PBX/PABX Certified Voice Engineer
  • VMware- VSP – Foundation 2019
  • Juniper Design, Associate (JNCDA)

At home, Chibuzor spends much of his time studying, inspired to learn new things and further his career. He speaks three languages – French, English and his native language Igbo – and hopes to travel the world one day. He is also very social and loves nothing more than simply spending time with friends. Attending live events is one of Chibuzor’s favourite activities, and he is relieved that this is possible again after the COVID lockdowns of recent years.

At home, Chibuzor likes to cook for friends and family. He cooks mostly African dishes, including a delicacy from south-eastern Nigeria called Ofe Oha, or Oha Soup. The soup is made with the Oha leaf, beef, stockfish and local spices that give it a uniquely delicious flavour. He also enjoys cooking seafood dishes, such as the local Nigerian speciality Catfish Pepper Soup, otherwise known as ‘Point and Kill’!

‘My aim is to explain complex ideas in a way that a layman could easily understand,’ – Chibuzor Emezieobi

Looking to the future Chibuzor is hoping to complete his master’s degree and then a PhD. He also plans to write a book on technology, building on his ideas on digitisation, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. As with his teaching, he wants to be able to reach the non-technical person with technical ideas.  ‘My aim is to explain complex ideas in a way that a layman could easily understand,’ he says.



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