Aloke Bikkina

Marketing Director

Aloke Bikkina had only been in the job of Professional Services Manager at Red Education for a few months when his background in launching start-ups started to get him noticed. He began helping to build digital marketing campaigns and gradually his role transitioned as the marketing needs of the business increased. Now, after just three years in the business, Aloke is the Marketing Director at Red Education, heading up a dedicated team of website, copywriting, design and social media specialists.

When Aloke joined the company in 2018 as Professional Services Manager, his job was to deliver numerous consulting engagements with vendors and distributors, writing tenders and working alongside engineers on projects for clients in a variety of sectors.

Scalable systems and processes

Finding that he was able to add value by giving Red Education a strong marketing direction, Aloke used his start-up experience to establish new systems and processes that would be scalable as the business started to grow. He introduced social media channels and a new website, as well as an array of online tools to make processes easier, from developing website landing pages to enabling new training courses to be scheduled more quickly.

Aloke continued with both roles for a while until he found that the marketing side of his work had grown to the point where this was no longer sustainable. Aloke became Marketing Director in 2021.

An entrepreneurial streak

Aloke describes how he has always had an entrepreneurial streak and the growth mindset that have guided him on the path to success. He had always been interested in setting up his own business and completed an undergraduate degree in Commerce before studying for a master’s degree in international business, majoring in marketing and project management. After roles in finance in Adelaide and for OneSteel in Mount Isa, Aloke longed to live and work in a bigger city, near the ocean.

He moved to Sydney where he became involved with start-up projects. His passion for startups took him to the USA, which he says opened his eyes to the potential of bigger markets and what could be achieved with imagination and an understanding of what is needed for an idea to scale.

Applying this thinking to Red Education today, Aloke sees how the business moved to focus on Virtual Instructor-led Training in response to the COVID-19 crisis. This had the effect of opening up the opportunity to scale operations into other regions more quickly and more easily than would otherwise have been the case. Having a strong leadership team and a strong instructor team are also two key factors that Aloke sees as being key to the future success and scalability of Red Education. He believes that the quality of our instructor team is Red Education’s greatest asset and values how the business makes a point of cross-training instructors in new vendor technologies to maintain their interest and enthusiasm as they broaden their skillsets.

“Always dream big and always believe in yourself” – Aloke Bikkina, Marketing Director, Red Education

Aloke is also passionate about learning, training and education in general. You can always get from Point A to Point B, he says, and achieve your goals, as long as you work, focus and learn. The pace of change can be overwhelming sometimes, but the key to success is to be open to learning new things, and to be ready to unlearn some of your old ways as well. His best advice for anyone hoping to follow a similar path to his own is ‘Always dream big and always believe in yourself.’

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