Red Education’s Srikanth Singireddy announced as the first AlgoSec certified Trainer in JAPAC region

Red Education grows its capabilities and becomes the only local training organization with this certified experience

AlgoSec, a leading provider of business-centric network security policy management, enables enterprises to simplify, accelerate, and securely process policy changes. AlgoSec integrates with all leading security vendors and technologies and provides a single, unified platform for complete visibility and management.

This allows users to quickly discover, track, map, and migrate business application connectivity, proactively analyse company threats, tie cyber-attacks to business processes and intelligently automate network security changes with zero-touch - across their cloud, SDN, and on-premises network environments.

To learn more about available Algosec courses or to register, please visit AlgoSec certification’s page.

Red Education’s Managing Director Mike Baird comments: “We see large organisations struggling to manage their complex network infrastructures and fragmented technologies. Our strategic partnership with AlgoSec will help increase the IT departments’ proficiency and level of expertise to enable effective network security management.” 

Head of Global Training at AlgoSec – Shai Raz comments: “AlgoSec offers a comprehensive training and certification program to enable our customers to effectively operate, maintain and configure our system. Our partnership with RED Education is a significant step towards achieving this goal with our customers in the APAC region.”

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