Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand Training Credits and their redemption process.

1.Can Training Credits be used for any Palo Alto Networks authorized class?

Training Credits are redeemable for 12 months by all employees within an organization for any open enrolment, private/onsite course, or virtual event offered by participating Palo Alto Networks ATPs. Training Credits can also be redeemed for Pearson VUE certification exam vouchers.

2.Will Training Credits be available on the standard Palo Alto Networks pricelist?

Yes. Palo Alto Networks has created a part number for selling Training Credit in $100-dollar increments. The part number is the following: PAN-EDU-TRAINING-100

3.In what currencies are the Training Credits sold?

Training Credits are sold only in US dollars (USD).

4.Are Training Credits sold by course days or by course name?

Training Credits are sold only by dollar amount. However, if you are unsure of how many Training Credit’s your customer will need for their desired training please reach out to your Red Education Account Manager directly or by using the following contact information – +1800 656 0689 or via email at [email protected] 

5.Can an end-user purchase Training Credits?

Yes. End users can purchase Training Credits from either a reseller or distributor in the same way products and services are ordered today. If your ATP is registered with Palo Alto Networks Next Wave or Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) programs you can sell your customers Training Credits.

6.How will the end-user receive the Training Credits code from Palo Alto Networks?

All Training Credits orders must contain end-user—and all other points of sale—information on the sales order. Once the sales order is processed through Palo Alto Networks order management system, Education Services receives a copy of the order and provides a Training Credits code, expiration date, and end-user redemption instructions to the distributor, reseller, or Palo Alto Networks account manager via e-mail. It is the responsibility of the distributor, reseller, or account manager to notify the customer of this information. The end-user must then select Training Credits as the method of payment and provide the Training Credits code to the ATP when registering for the class.

7.Do the Training Credits expire?

Yes. Per program rules, Training Credits expire after one year from the purchase date. However, Palo Alto Networks will make exceptions and allowances as necessary to make sure customers are able to redeem the credits they purchase.

8.Can an end-user pay for a class with a combination of Training Credits and money if the end-user does not have enough Training Credits to cover the full cost of the course?

Yes, Please reach out to your dedicated Red Education Account Manager and they will assist with quoting the additional costs.

9.Once a customer registers for a class at an ATP, what is the process for verifying that the Training Credits code is valid?

The process is as follows:

  1. A) The customer books training at the participating ATP using Training Credits
  2. B) The ATP confirms with the Palo Alto Networks Training Credits Administrator the customer’s Training Credits code as well as the balance on the account (to ensure they have enough to cover the price of the class) by contacting the Training Credits Administrator by email. To verify this transaction the ATP must provide the following information: a. Company: b. Number of Credits that will be consumed: c. Class: d. Dates: e. Training Credits code:
  3. C) Once confirmed the Training Credits Administrator will flag the balance for consumption by the ATP
  4. D) After the class is over the ATP will again contact the Training Credits Administrator and confirm consumption
  5. E) The ATP can then invoice Palo Alto Networks for services delivered.

Note: If an ATP does not verify that the Training Credits are valid, the ATP is in jeopardy of not being reimbursed for those credits if those credits have already been used or dedicated to another ATP.

10.Will the Training Credits Administrator dedicate the Training Credits code to the ATP once the numbers are verified?

Yes. Once an ATP contacts the Training Credits Administrator and provides the Training Credits code, the Administrator will flag the balance for consumption by that ATP.

11.How do I contact the Training Credits Administrator?

The Training Credits Administrator can be reached via email at [email protected]

12.What if the customer decides to attend class at another ATP using the same Training Credits instead of the ATP with whom the customer originally registered?

The original ATP must contact the Training Credits Administrator and confirm that the customer canceled the class and that the ATP will not be submitting an invoice for reimbursement for those Training Credits. The ATP at which the customer will attend the class must follow all defined steps including verifying that these training credits are valid.

13.When an ATP accepts Training Credits, Will they still receive an e-kit?

Yes. Every learner is required to have a student kit regardless of the method of payment for the seat. Red Education will organize this on the student’s behalf.

14.What does Palo Alto Networks Education Services do to help promote Training Credits?

Palo Alto Networks Education Services has standardized on and evangelizes Training Credits as the preferred transaction method (and SKU) for training courses. Education Services is fully interlocked with Palo Alto Networks sales teams to promote training and Training Credits and works to include Training Credits into sales of Cybersecurity solutions; includes Training Credits content in sales enablement documents and programs; includes training credits in marketing and promotional campaigns where appropriate; and maintains a web-presence on paloaltonetworks.com for Training Credits.

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