MobileIron: Cloud Intermediate Accreditation – R51

MobileIron: Cloud Intermediate Accreditation – R51: This training is designed for anyone who implements or administers MobileIron Cloud. Key topics include:

  • Installation and Management of MobileIron Connector
  • Installation and Configuration of Sentry for ActiveSync and AppTunnel
  • Management of Certificates in MobileIron Cloud
  • Configuration of Android Lockdown and Kiosk Mode
  • Advanced Management of Apps
  • Best Practices and Troubleshooting
  • Support for Mac OSX
  • Setting up Android Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Features

Topics Covered:

MobileIron Connector

Sentry – Basic Configuration

MobileIron Cloud Certificate Management

AppTunnel Solutions

Mac OSX Support

Android Lockdown and Kiosk Mode

Android Enterprise

Windows 10

App Management

SAML Support

Best Practices

Troubleshooting MobileIron Cloud

Assessment, Cloud Intermediate