IT Training Provider, Red Education, starts 2021 with launch into the Americas

Leading IT training provider, Red Education has started the New Year with a bang, announcing its expansion from its existing JAPAC stronghold into the Americas. 

Sydney-based Managing Director, Mike Baird, made the announcement this week, having launched training schedules across the US Pacific, EST, and Central time zones and promising further expansion plans to be announced soon. 

I am extremely proud and excited to see where our business is heading. In only a few short months we have grown the business during COVID… no mean feat, let alone create new market pathways into North America. This is a pivotal moment for this business to announce such a momentous event,” said Mike Baird, Managing Director at Red Education. 

Achieving growth in an economic downturn 

With many learning and development organisations grappling with the realities of reduced demand, closing premises, and having to lay off staff, how is that that Red Education is managing to grow and expand into new territories like the Americas through such a challenging time? 

Mike says that companies have continued to invest in essential IT solutions, but they are now more aware than ever of the need to fully capitalise on their investments, ensuring that their people are highly skilled in the solutions purchased. 

“It’s hard to imagine that there have been organisations investing in IT without the right people to capitalise on those investments, but we’ve seen it happen. I think that one of the positives that come out of an economic downturn is that there is an increased desire from clients to fully justify IT spend by equipping their people with the right skill sets,” said Mike. 

Managing the threat of cyber attack  

One of Red Educationstrongholds is training in Cyber Security solutionswith managing the risk of cyber attack an ongoing priority for CIOs in 2021. 

Cyber security is a huge concern across the globe and training employees in cyber security technologies gives organisations the skills and strategies they need to protect themselves,” says Mike Baird. 

Solutions vendors know that training is one of the most critical success factors in any implementation. It has been shown that human error is one of the most common causes of threats such as data breaches, with training being the obvious way to mitigate those threats. 

We see businesses like banks and telcos with multiple cyber security solutions in place to provide added layers of protection. Again, this has put Red Education at an advantage because our instructors – who are among the best in the world – are highly skilled with more than one solution and how those solutions interweave, not just one, in isolation. 

IT training to future-proof employees and businesses 

On a more personal level, for employeesthere is a growing awareness of the value of IT training and being able to prove your worth to employers with the relevant certification. 

Having the right qualifications is going to put a candidate at the top of what can be a very big pile of CVs in times of increased unemployment. There are jobs around, but we know that there are also more people applying for them. 

Research shows that 91% of IT managers consider certifications vital in hiring and predicting employee success*. 

For those already working in the field, being able to show that certification to their current employer helps them stay relevant and protect themselves against job loss, future-proofing their position. Digital transformation has inspired a world-wide upskilling and reskilling revolution, and we are in the perfect position to be able to support that.” 

“To serve our students worldwide we have developed a new virtual lab environment, providing fast response times and a user-friendly interface to allow students to to reinforce and test their learning in a risk-free environment. Students can now connect to the labs via their web browser and instructors can connect remotely to help them, anywhere in the world, at any time,” said Mike. 

Building on trust and relationships 

In the end, however, said Mike, Red Education’s success and expansion would not have been possible without strong client relationships and trust. 

To set up a business in the Americas is extremely exciting. This is a sign of the trust we have developed in our relationships with our vendors and the quality of service this business has become synonymous with. We have already seen a massive spike of interest with enquiries flooding in. Within 12 months we will be the premium training company of choice and as well known in the Americas as we are in the JAPAC region. The future for Red Education on the global stage looks bright and we wish to thank all our loyal customers and staff for getting us there,’ said Mike.

To learn more about available courses or to register, please visit Red Education Americas Region course page.

About Red Education 

Red Education provides technical training and certification for the IT community. With delivery across Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN, Greater China, Japan, Korea, India, and now the USA, we are the trainers behind an organisation’s technical expertise. Red Education offers virtual, classroom, and on-site IT training, which will help you navigate your journey to certification with the industry’s most exciting technologies. 

*CompTIA, ‘5 reasons why employers look for IT certifications’ 


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