EPI - Certified Data Centre Environmental Sustainability Specialist (CDESS)

The CDESS® course is aimed at providing knowledge of the standards and guidelines related to environmental sustainability, and how to move your data centre (existing or new) to a more environmentally sustainable design and operations.

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    2 days, Mon & Tue 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Virtual - ASIA
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    Mon 20 Nov 09:00 - Mon 20 Nov 17:00
    Virtual - ASIA
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    Tue 21 Nov 09:00 - Tue 21 Nov 17:00
    Virtual - ASIA
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After completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of data centres on the environment

  • Describe the various environmental/energy management standards

  • Understand the purpose and goals of the legally binding international treaties on climate change

  • Implement various sustainable performance metrics and how to use them in the data centre environment

  • Manage data centre environmental sustainability using international standards

  • Set up the measurement, monitoring and reporting of energy usage

  • Use power efficiency indicators in a variety of data centre designs

  • Use best practices for energy savings in the electrical infrastructure and in the mechanical (cooling) infrastructure

  • Use best practices for energy savings for the ICT equipment and data storage

  • Understand the importance of water management and waste management 

  • Understand the different ways to use sustainable energy in the data centre 

  • Get practical tips and innovative ideas to make a data centre more sustainable



Participants must have at least one to two years' experience in a data centre or facilities environment. The CDCP® is highly recommended. The CDESS® will discuss data centre facility aspects and without the CDCP® or equivalent knowledge, the participant may not be able to gain the full benefits of the CDESS® training.

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