Wilson Learning - LFP Meeting Leadership Challenges

Meeting Leadership Challenges helps shift managerial focus from strictly output towards creating stimulating conditions for employees to accept greater responsibility. Managers will understand what it means to be an effective leader in their organisation, rather than an individual contributor.

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Meeting Leadership Challenges offers invaluable insights into the many challenges that managers may face as effective leaders. In this half-day module, participants gain an appreciation for the challenges of leadership, both from a management perspective and from an individual associate’s point of view. Participants explore the conditions that influence high performance and what they need to do as leaders to create optimal conditions. They learn that effective leaders take action to provide for growth that leads to ongoing performance. Leaders must focus both on performance and fulfillment to develop and retain high performers. Leaders must ensure that their associates can answer five key questions to provide the focus and motivation for success. The key to leadership is managing the conditions under which team members take on greater responsibility for achieving outcomes/results. Finally, participants apply these concepts both to their work units and to themselves as effective leaders.


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