F5 Networks - Configuring BIG-IQ

The course is for system and network administrators responsible for the installation, setup, configuration, and administration of the BIG-IQ system. Or, it can be undertaken by operators who require some knowledge of how the systems are setup, but usually concentrate on performing particular operational tasks whether on BIG-IQ or via BIG-IQ on the managed BIG-IP devices.

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    2 days, Mon & Tue 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Virtual - AUS
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    Session 1
    Mon 26 Jun 09:00 - Mon 26 Jun 17:00
    Virtual - AUS
    Session 2
    Tue 27 Jun 09:00 - Tue 27 Jun 17:00
    Virtual - AUS
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    • BIG-IQ Overview 
      • BIG-IQ Centralized Management
      • BIG-IQ Approach
      • BIG-IQ Core Functionality
      • REST API
      • BIG-IQ Data Collection Device (DCD)
      • BIG-IP Cloud Edition (CE)
      • Setting Up the BIG-IQ System
    • Administering the BIG-IQ System 
      • Controlling Access to the BIG-IQ
      • Creating, Authenticating, Configuring Users and their Roles
      • System Backups
      • Configuring DNS, NTP, and SMTP
      • Monitoring the BIG-IQ, DCD, and BIG-IP events and alerts
      • Monitoring BIG-IQ with iHealth
      • Post Installation Issues; Licensing, Changing Management IP, Master Key, Restoring Backups
      • Managing BIG-IP LTM Devices 
        • BIG-IP LTM Device Discovery
        • BIG-IP Device Backup
        • Deploying to BIG-IP Devices, Various Methods and Logs
        • BIG-IQ Configuration Snapshots
        • Managing BIG-IP Certificates
        • Managing BIG-IP Licenses
        • Monitoring BIG-IP Devices with iHealth
        • Management of QKView Reports from Managed BIG-IP Devices
      • Setting Up the BIG-IQ Data Collection Device
      • Custom Role Types and Groups 
        • Setting up User Accounts with custom roles and privileges
      • Managing BIG-IP DSC 
        • Discovery and management of BIG-IP Device Clusters (DSC) with BIG-IQ
      • Administering BIG-IQ High Availability 
        • Configuration and management of BIG-IQ systems in a High Availability pair


    BIG-IQ manages BIG-IP devices and its associated products so you need to be familiar with BIG-IP as well as having knowledge and experience of general network technology. For BIG-IP, students should have already completed a BIG-IP based training course such as the Administering BIG-IP instructor-led course or further courses.

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