This course provides the attendees with all the skills and knowledge required to get started with PRTG Network Monitor.Implementation, licensing, monitoring, administration and learning the advanced and specialised features and applications for PRTG are all covered.There is a balance of theoretical concepts and lab exercises designed to engage and extract full value from your utilisation of PRTG software.By the end of the course you will be equipped to attempt the “Paessler Certified Monitoring Expert Exam"

  • Paessler

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Topics Covered:

  • PRTG Installation and Configuration
  • PRTG Administration Tool
  • A First Look at PRTG
  • PRTG Version Numbers and Release Channels
  • PRTG User Interfaces
  • User Administration
  • PRTG Licensing
  • PRTG Sizing – Planning Large PRTG Installations
  • Working with PRTG: Object Hierarchy and Device Templates
  • Working with PRTG: Libraries
  • Monitoring Bandwith with SNMP and WMI
  • Custom Sensors
  • Custom SNMP and Library Sensors
  • Script Sensors
  • Sensor Detection Features
  • Debugging PRTG Learning to fish
  • Working with PRTG: Dependencies
  • Working with PRTG: Limits and Triggers
  • Working with PRTG: Introduction to Notifications
  • Advanced Notifications
  • Reporting in PRTG
  • PRTG Remote Probes
  • Working with PRTG: Geo Maps
  • PRTG Maps
  • Working with PRTG: Priorities, Favourites, Tags
  • Working with PRTG: The Ticketing System
  • Review: Licenses and Sizing
  • PRTG Architecture – Pros and Cons of Different Options
  • PRTG Overload Remedies – What to do when PRTG is Overloaded
  • PRTG Administration
  • PRTG Clustering
  • PRTG Network Settings
  • Bandwidth Monitoring with xFlow and Packet Sniffing
  • SNMP Trap Receiver and Syslog Receiver
  • Custom Sensors – Factory Sensor
  • Customising and API
  • Monitoring QoS and VoIP
  • Monitoring Virtualisation Environments
  • Monitoring Email Servers
  • Monitoring Backup Processes
  • PRTG Certificaton


Prerequisites: Working knowledge of networking, TCP/IP, SNMP and related concepts.

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