Check Point Cybersecurity Boot Camp R81.10 (CCSA-CCSE)

A 5-day fast-paced course for those individuals with Check Point product experience. This is not an introduction course. Participants will gain comprehensive understanding of concepts with advanced skills training for managing cybersecurity operations using Check Point R81.1 technology.

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    1 week, weekdays 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Virtual - AUS
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    Session 1
    Mon 19 Feb 09:00 - Mon 19 Feb 17:00
    Virtual - AUS
    Session 2
    Tue 20 Feb 09:00 - Tue 20 Feb 17:00
    Virtual - AUS
    Session 3
    Wed 21 Feb 09:00 - Wed 21 Feb 17:00
    Virtual - AUS
    Session 4
    Thu 22 Feb 09:00 - Thu 22 Feb 17:00
    Virtual - AUS
    Session 5
    Fri 23 Feb 09:00 - Fri 23 Feb 17:00
    Virtual - AUS
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Security Administrator

Objectives and Exercises

  • Know how to perform periodic administrator tasks.
  • Describe the basic functions of the Gaia operating system.
  • Recognize SmartConsole features, functions, and tools.
  • Describe the Check Point Firewall infrastructure.
  • Understand how SmartConsole is used by administrators to grant permissions and user access.
  • Learn how Check Point security solutions and products work and how they protect networks.
  • Understand licensing and contract requirements for Check Point security products.
  • Identify key components and configurations.
  • Create and confirm administrator users for the domain.
  • Validate existing licenses for products installed on your network.
  • Create and modify Check Point Rule Base objects.
  • Demonstrate how to share a layer between Security Policies.
  • Analyze network traffic and use traffic visibility tools.
  • Monitor Management Server States using SmartConsole.

Security Expert 

Objectives and Exercises

  • Articulate Gaia system management procedures.
  • Understand system management procedures, including how to perform system upgrades and how to install hotfixes.
  • Describe the Check Point Firewall infrastructure.
  • Describe advanced methods of gathering important gateway data using CPView and CPlnfo.
  • Recognize how Check Point’s flexible API architecture supports automation and orchestration.
  • Understand how SecureXL acceleration technology is used to enhance and improve performance.
  • Upgrading a Security Management Server.
  • Perform Check Point Online Jumbo Hotfixes.
  • Migrate a Security Management Server.
  • Configuring a New Security Gateway Cluster.
  • Core CLI Elements of Firewall Administration.
  • Configuring Manual Network Address Translation.
  • Managing Objects Using the Check PointAPI.



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