F5 301a Pre-certification Workshop

This purpose of the F5 LTM 301a course/workshop is to help you to prepare for the F5 301a LTM: Architect, Setup and Deploy certification. It provides a functional understanding of the exam dynamics and contents. It includes an overview of the exam, discussion of the blueprint topics, exam tips. At the end of the course, an exam will be simulated to assess your understanding of the blue print topics. The course includes lectures, demonstrations, hands-on labs, and discussions.
The workshop also includes two test exams which will indicate the subject areas needing attention. One test exam will be taken before the workshop. The student will then be asked to bring the test results to the workshop, where the instructor will ensure the areas needing attention will be covered during the class. At the end of the workshop, a further test exam will be taken which will show any additional subject areas needing further study.

If our scheduled classes below don’t fit your calendar, you can request for a class to be organised at a date that is convenient for you.

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