ForgeRock Access Management Deep Dive

The aim of this course is to showcase the key features and capabilities of the versatile and powerful ForgeRock® Access Management (AM). It provides the student with the knowledge and confidence to manage their own environment. It is accepted that this course is not able to demonstrate all the features and capabilities of AM.

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ForgeRock Identity Management Deep Dive

Learn how to install and deploy ForgeRock® Identity Management (IDM) in an on-prem or self-managed cloud environment to manage the lifecycle and relationship of digital identities. Topics include how to model identity objects in IDM, create connector configurations and synchronization mappings to manage the flow identity objects and properties with various external identity resources, manage workflows, and deploy IDM within…

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ForgeRock Identity Gateway Core Concepts

The ForgeRock® Identity Gateway Core Concepts course is for students who want to examine core concepts and implement key use cases and features of ForgeRock Identity Gateway (IG) to help extend access to and protect web applications, legacy applications, and application programming interfaces (APIs), within an access management solution.

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Configuring the ForgeRock Identity Platform in a DevOps Environment

This expert-led workshop guides students through the deployment of the ForgeRock Identity Platform™ (the Platform) on a Kubernetes cluster running in Google Kubernetes Environment (GKE). The workshop initially describes how to use the ForgeRock Cloud Developer’s Kit (CDK) to deploy a sample configuration of the Platform, which includes ForgeRock® Access Management (AM) and ForgeRock® Identity Management (IDM), which share ForgeRock® Directory Service (DS)…

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