Riverbed Course Outlines – Japanese


Riverbed Training Courses

All Riverbed course students are required to be proficient with Basic PC operation and application skills, Windows OS & Basic Web Browser operation (HTTP).

All courses are hands-on and consist of Lectures, Labs and Discussions.

Red Education are proud to be Authorised Training Centers for Riverbed and we currently offer the following range of Riverbed courses:


WAN200 – Optimization Essentials コース

WAN310 – Optimizing Enterprise Applications & Protocols コース

WAN350 – Implementing Enterprise Optimization Architectures コース

NPM200 – Performance Monitoring Essentials (SteelCentral) コース

APM200 – Application Performance Monitoring Essentials (SteelCentral) コース

HCB200 -Storage Delivery Essentials (SteelFusion) コース