Application Delivery Fundamentals

Course Overview

This course enables network professionals to prepare to sit the Industry recognized ADN certification F5 Networks – 101 Application Delivery Fundamentals. The course covers an overview of network fundamentals with a detailed review of protocols, traffic management concepts and a focused view of Layers 4-7 of the network.
Course participants will gain an understanding of the challenges which led to the development of the ADN concept. In the early days, applications were bound to a local server and accessed by users across Local Area Networks (LANs), but today, thanks to increased demands from consumers, applications must be readily available across multiple networks, locations, and accessible to a wide range of users. Application Delivery Networking (ADN) was introduced to overcome these challenges.

Course Prerequisites

TeachWOT’s Network Fundamentals – Core is a pre-requisite for this course.

Course Audience

Network professionals, engineers and technical managers can benefit from this course, which will equip them with detailed knowledge and the latest information to assist with the planning, management and maintenance of data networks. This course is specifically designed to prepare to sit the F5 Networks – 101 Application Delivery Fundamentals exam.


9 modules, self-paced learning, to be completed within a 3 month period.

Course Outcomes

Course participants will gain a detailed knowledge of network fundamentals, with a specific focus on Layers 4 to 7 of the network. This course covers the Transport Layer (Layer 4), The Session Layer (Layer 5), The Presentation Layer (Layer 6) and the Application Layer (Layer 7).

Upon, completion, participants should be able to:
> Understand Application Delivery Networking and Application Delivery Controllers
> Be prepared to complete F5’s BIG-IP administrator certification program
> Comprehend Load Balancing including the algorithms available in the BIG-IP system
> Identify proxy-based solutions
> Describe network redundancy and failing-over
> Accelerate application delivery using BIG-IP products and technologies
> Understand security models
> Comprehend the AAA framework
> Have an overview of F5’s hardware and virtual solutions



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