Red Education takes out the record for the number of Check Point training seats delivered globally by one training company

Red Education has broken the record for the number of global training seats delivered annually for Check Point Software Technologies Limited, the cybersecurity training provider announced today.

Red Education, a Check Point Platinum Elite ATC Partner headquartered in Sydney, Australia, is flexing its muscles on the global stage as an authorised training partner, leaving behind many of the sector’s bigger players in its wake.

Smashing the previous record for Check Point training seats delivered annually by an ATC anywhere in the world, Red Education has become Check Point’s top-performing Platinum Elite ATC.

“This is the first time in more than two decades since I joined Check Point that I have seen numbers like this from an authorised training centre,” said Toni Ponder, Manager of the Check Point Software Technologies Limited Training Partner Program.

“The number of training seats delivered for Check Point by Red Education is almost double our previous best result. Red Education has not only passed the old record but knocked it out of the park. They exceeded all expectations in 2022, despite the economic impacts of COVID-19 still affecting our sector.

Red Education has, very simply, raised the bar for certification training with their level of customer care, dedication to high-quality training, and degree of customer service,” Ms Ponder commented.

“The whole team at Red Education played their part.”

“I’m absolutely thrilled that we have been able to achieve this for Check Point,” said Mike Baird, Managing Director of Red Education. “We believe that we are the best at what we do, and we are incredibly grateful to have our work endorsed in this way by Check Point students. We wouldn’t have achieved this milestone without their support or that of the Check Point Education Services Team.

We work very hard to ensure the highest standards in the industry and the whole team at Red Education played their part to contribute to this success. it was a team effort. Our growth has been exponential, and if we can do this despite COVID-19, I’m confident that 2023 and future years will be bountiful. We are the premium training partner of choice, as voted by the toughest critics, the customers,” said Baird.

“We greatly value our collaboration with Check Point”

“I cannot overstate how greatly we value our collaboration with Check Point,” added Baird. “Achieving this record and being awarded Platinum Elite status again was a fantastic way to top off 2022. As we continue further global expansion, empowering students with premium training delivered by a global training company, we retain our laser focus on delivering quality training to every individual student and fast-tracking their careers.”

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