Major stock exchange implements Palo Alto Networks Next Gen Firewalls

Palo Alto Networks Authorised Training Partner of the Year (JAPAC)

Palo Alto Networks Instructor of the Year (JAPAC)


Our client is one of the world’s largest stock exchanges by market capitalization, with over 2,500 companies listed.


This stock exchange was implementing Palo Alto Networks firewalls and their SOC, Security Engineering and Network Operations teams needed to be upskilled urgently before the firewalls went live. The engineers were new to Palo Alto Networks and there was a significant gap in their knowledge, making it urgent to ensure their expertise in the new technology before implementation.


Red Education tailored the delivery of Palo Alto Networks EDU-210 Firewall Essentials 10.2 and EDU-220 Panorama 10.2 training programs for three different teams: SOC, Security Engineering and Network Operations. We customized and presented modules so that team members could attend those that were the most relevant. For example, the focus topics for the SOC team were event monitoring and response and the Networking team focus was on monitoring and other hardware-related topics.

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Upon successful completion of the training, we built a solid foundation for the the team in the stock exchange and they benefitted from the lab exercises that were based on a real world scenarios, giving them greater confidence and equipping them with the right skillset to configure and manage the firewalls effectively. They felt that they had taken ownership of solutions implemented and felt more confident in handling ongoing operations.

Student Testimonials

“A great option that offers flexibility to your customers – the process was super simple to step through”

Luke Snell

Principal Networks

“Great course. Lots of information I can use for my job.”

R Griffin

Network Engineer

“The training sessions were good, and definitely enhanced my knowledge”

P Paul

IT Professional
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