Importance of Authorized Training Centres

Would you buy an unproven or unbranded home appliance, entertainment system, vehicle or any important equipment? Why not? Irrespective of your busy schedule, have you ever waited in a decent well known restaurant? Why? Would you place your bet/wealth on any new venture/banking system? What are the chances? Take a couple of minutes and think it over before reading further.

In this article, whenever I mention “I”, consider it as yourself. Sometimes I drive long distances covering hundreds of miles. Sometimes, my car gives me trouble and when in trouble, if I could not find an authorized service centre nearby, I have had to rely on a local garage. The regular un-authorized mechanics have trained themselves to identify the cause for the issue and use a trial and error approach as the technology used in every vehicle is different and they do not have an officially transferred skillset. The technicians would resolve the issue but it would re-appear again as they do not know the real reason behind the issue. This leads to a loss of time and money. Sometimes, due to lack of money, I would try new service stations too even when the authorized service station is reachable. This has, most of the time, increased trouble rather than giving a permanent solution. The chance of failure is often increasing expenditure instead of saving money.

Similarly, what we have observed in the past and to date is that, most organizations are consistently taking cost-reduction exercises. Due to this, they try to reduce their expenses and one of the key areas of expenditure for almost any organization is enablement of personnel with knowledge to manage technology. In fact, technology is here to help us however, it is the personnel who implement, configure and manage the technology being key ingredients in utilizing the features of that technology. When an organization tries to reduce expenditure by getting their most responsible team trained by a so called “Grey Market” based trainer who has learnt by reading books and using trial and error methods, He/She (the Trainer) might be highly talented but lacks the key ingredients such as direct knowledge transfer from Vendors, including all their resources and support. This approach may set the initial expenditure lower than an organization’s budget. However, when there is a problem down the track, the loss incurred by the organization is not only in potential downtime, but also the reputation of the organization before the market and clients.

When knowledge is transferred with organized, professional and a strategic consulting approach, the student who gains not only a kick start but also a better and deeper understanding of the technology which in turn helps him provide not only solution to current situation/problem but also ensures that, the problem never appears in future. These type of trainings are delivered by experts who ensure all parameters of key stakeholders’ business expectations are met via Authorized training. They also ensure digging deeper into root causes for problems to offer appropriate near to permanent solutions. Such a training gained from Authorized Training Centre would ensure organizations with an overall greater Return On Investment.

One last example to summarise my article, I have always observed my mom cook. She uses a lot of ingredients yet she cooks a delicious meal in a short time. When I was young I did not learn from her but saw her cooking and then, when it was my turn to cook as a bachelor, I tried using multiple ingredients by guessing, looking at youtube or other recipe sources. I could never prepare a meal as delicious as my mom. One day, I decided to learn from her. After her teaching, I realized there was lot to understand and started cooking using my styles. Guess what, it has always been 99% appreciation from those who eat. In short, her training had given me not only a kick start but also a deeper understanding of Why, What, How and When?

Nanda Kumar – Trainer / Consultant